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DisplayPort v1.4

The CDLDP8K and CDLMP8K ranges are DisplayPort v1.4 cables capable of 8K@60Hz, while 8K sources and displays may be unavailable, these have a high bandwidth to allow 4K@120Hz, two 4K@60Hz screens etc. 4K@120Hz is ideal for computer gamers with gaming monitors coupled together with HDR making a fantastic experience.

The physical make up of the cable will look no different to current cables with ports and connectors unchanged. We have limited the cable distance up to 3mtrs as suggested by VESA to maintain full specifications.

Some of the latest graphics cards for computer gamers are 8k ready and able to handle up to 4 monitors if you’re willing to spend around £2,000.

With displays that do not support DSC (digital stream compression) the 8k resolution with drop from 60Hz to 30Hz.

With Multi-Stream Transport (MST) support these cables are capable of carrying the bandwidth for multiple monitors because of the ability to carry 32.4Gbps.

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