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Important News

HDMI Extender Over Ethernet

The HDEX-3120 is a high quality HDMI extender of a single ethernet cable such as Cat5e or CAT6, you can achieve 100mtr over Cat5e and 120mtr over CAT6 and above. Transmitting signal over a single ethernet cable makes it easier and tidier to install as well as space saving through trunking.

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NEW – Various Cable Ties

We have the pleasure to introduce our new range of cable ties of different lengths and colours. We have a multipack of 200 of mixed red, green, blue and yellow, we have silver, black, white along with Velcro types. CT-100W – pack of 100 white cable ties 100mm long 2.5mm wide UL94V CT-200MIX – pack of 200 mixed colour cable … Continue reading

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Active Optical Cables (AOC)

We have recently stocked HDMI AOC to complement our existing ranges. Due to fiber optics, signals can go much further than copper based variants. The signal is converted in to light via the connectors and sent over fiber, this can eliminate the need for boosters and extenders over Cat5e/CAT6. AOC has many applications such as.. Mainframes/Supercomputers High Definition TV (HDTV) … Continue reading

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HDMI Active Optical Cable (AOC) use fibre optic cable to carry the HDMI signal. This means that the signal can be carried much further than a traditional copper cable, and reduces the risk of interference. HDMI AOC cables also have copper wires inside which carries the power so no external power adapter is required. The NLHDMI-AOC cables have the following … Continue reading

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Stock Take

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