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Since the introduction of USB C, devices have started using just one or two USB C ports to take advantage of smaller ports allowing devices to be made smaller. In doing so, adapters are needed to do what the devices used to do. The downside of course is that customers have to buy adapters. This also allows manufacturers to overcharge … Continue reading

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USB4™ is the most recent update in the evolution of USB. The maximum bandwidth is now 40Gbps, double the previous best spec of 20Gbps (USB3.2 Gen 2×2). It is based on Thunderbolt 3 technology ensuring greater compatibility with all USB Type C and Thunderbolt 3 devices. Although capable of 40 Gbps, USB4 supports up to 10 Gbps, 20 Gbps, or … Continue reading

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Dual HDMI & Dual DisplayPort Our USB C MST adapters allow you to connect two DisplayPort monitors or two HDMI TVs/Monitors (depending on model) to a source with a USB C port. MST functionality allows the two screens to act independently of each other in extend mode, these adapters also support mirror mode. Please see HDMI version NLUSB3C-HDMST and the … Continue reading

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NEW KVM Switches

We are pleased to introduce our new range of KVM switches, we have 2 and 4 port standard KVM switches and 2 port dual screen KVM switches. The KVM switches are an ideal solution for switching between two or four computers while using just one keyboard, mouse and monitor. Not only is this space saving but can also cut down … Continue reading

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Certified DisplayPort 8k@60Hz Cables

Our CDLDPHBR3 range of DisplayPort v1.4 (HBR3) cables are approved by VESA for use with 8k@60Hz equipment. 8K has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 and is also known as 4320p and Super Ultra High Definition (SUHD). It is seen in commercial displays that require the highest available resolution. This cable is backward compatible with 4K@120Hz, ideal for the computer … Continue reading

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