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Important News

NEW 10/100 Network Switches

The NLHUB FEW range are an addition to our current range available in white. These are multiport switches and are the perfect choice to create a 10/100 network. They provide you with a high-performance, seamless, low-cost and easy-to-use 10/100Mbps network. All five/eight ports support auto-negotiation and auto-MDI/MDIX eliminating the need for a cross over cables. The switches are compatible with … Continue reading

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NEW RJ45 Port Blockers

STOP UNAUTHORISED ACCESS TO YOUR NETWORK EQUIPMENT Do you need to block some ports on your network equipment? Then take a look at our new range of port blockers. These port blockers are simple to use by inserting the blocker in to the port and using the key to remove them. The blocks have two holes that align with two … Continue reading

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We are pleased to introduce our new SVGA cables, these cables will allow you to connect SVGA equipment to your SVGA connection. These SVGA cables have black jackets and blue hoods. We have two variations consisting of male to male connectors (CDEX-LPLZ-0xBL) and male to female extensions (CDEX-LPLZ-x2xBL). These cables are available in a number of lengths. Please take a … Continue reading

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SCART to HDMI Adapter

We are pleased to announce our new SCART to HDMI converter, the SCART-HDMI converter is a unique device that converts an analogue SCART signal to a digital HDMI signal. The output is upscaled to a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 (referred to as 720p). This is an ideal solution for using old equipment such as VHS and DVD players … Continue reading

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NEW Mini DisplayPort Adapters

We would like to announce two new additions to our DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort ranges. These adapters a compact and one converter Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort and one converters DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort. HDMDPF-DPM The HDMDPF-DPM is a Mini DisplayPort female to DisplayPort male adapter. This will allow you to connect a DisplayPort monitor to a computer or graphics card … Continue reading

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