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NEW Active Optical Cables

What is AOC?

AOC is short for Active Optical Cable which is the latest in cabling technology. AOC removes the copper conductors and replaces them with fibre optical cores and a small transmitter and receiver in the connectors. Copper cores still remain to carry power along the cable.

Why Professionals Are Choosing AOC?

  • The use of fibre optical cores allows the cable to be thinner and lighter
  • The barriers of cable length is no longer a problem
  • By using fibre optical cores, EMC interference from power cables. The cables also produce much less EMC themselves
  • No signal loss over long distances
  • No extenders, boosters or runs of CAT5e needed. These simply connect to your host and device like a standard cable
  • Our AOC comes in frustration free packaging

We have three ranges of new AOC, consisting of USB3.0, DisplayPort and HDMI.

The USB3.0 extension breaks the barrier of 5mtrs by allowing up to 30mtrs. The only drawback to this is the chipset is not backwards compatible with older versions.


The DisplayPort cable allows distances of up to 20mtr with an outstanding resolution of 8k@60Hz with no signal loss.


Just like the DisplayPort cable, our HDMI version supports 8k@60Hz but with a greater distance of 30mtr with no signal loss. The HDMI cable also boasts a bandwidth of 48Gbps.


All cables have a metal shell for ultimate protection along with gold flashing providing anti-corrosion properties. These cables are CPR rated so can be installed in a building as a fixed installation.

Please note that on the HDMI and DisplayPort cables, the connectors have Source and Display. These cables have to been connected correctly to work, the source connected to the device and the display connects to a TV/Monitor etc.

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