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USB C to 2.5GbE Adapter

The USB C to 2.5GbE provides a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet connection to a laptop, PC and possibly a tablet or phone(tablet and phone are most likely to be restricted). The Ethernet Adapter is a high-performance network solution, designed for business or home users where a 2.5GbE is not available.

2.5GbE is designed to work with existing good quality Ethernet cables such as Cat5e, CAT6 and CAT6A. This provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade your network providing you have a 2.5GbE capable router or above and /or a 2.5GbE network switch.

While this is not designed for computer gaming, when coupled with a 2.5GbE or higher router/switch, it will provide a high-speed connection that will reduce or remove bottlenecking and in turn reduce or remove the in-game lag that is caused by your computer/network. This of course is not a guarantee due to the equipment used, the number of people using your connection and what they are doing.

A 2.5GbE network would be ideal for large file transfers via storage(such as a NAS box) which would be ideal for example photographers where files can be from 20Mb to over 100Mb+ and videographers where files are huge, a USB C port more than likely have the bandwidth to cope.

Please Note: Don’t assume that 2.5GbE adapters will improve internet speed, internet speed is based on a number of factors outside of your network.

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